About the Log Book

This little tool allows anyone to read and add to the log and problem files.

Log files are intended for (usually short) running notes while problem files are for entering more extensive notes, about particular problems, aimed at helping those responsible for system maintenance to locate and fix faults.

Simply type your entry into the window and hit the record button. Alternatively, text can be pasted into the window from elsewhere. Each entry is date-stamped from the system clock and stored almost exactly as entered. The name of the originating machine is appended to the date stamp.

The log files are stored in a special area in the form of one file per day. If the log keeper finds today's file, it will append to it; otherwise it will create a new fie and start writing into that. No files are created for days on which no log entries are recorded.

Options are provided to view the whole of today's log, or the complete history of the logs presently on line.

It is easy to arrange that only particular machines can access the system, but it doesn't seem necessary yet :-)

Please feel free to send in your comments and suggestions for this system.

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